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giving brooklyn brunch a run for its money (at Puritan & Co.)

this is just how you’ve all made me feel this weekend. thank you for helping me celebrate another amazing year! i’m going into 27 with a heart full of sunshine and laughter

just the text to make a girl laugh/cry in public

spotted : heisenberg getting on the downtown 6 (at 53rd & Lexington)

a song for getting back into the swing of things:

(Source: Spotify)

aaand i’m home (at New York City)

there’s a line of Nutcracker-only costumes that you can buy for your creepy creepy Nutcracker production needs. or something

so much for our beach day (at PCI Beach Bar)

happiness is a wet puppy nose (at Providence Lakes)

💕 ahhhhhhhhhhh!! 💕 (at Publix Super Market at Lake Brandon Plaza)

not desk lunch : in honor of tampa’s cuban heritage (at La Septima Cafe)

it’s good to be home (at Jannus Live)

you could say i only learned to walk for the fabulous shoes

looks like TIA got the memo about @pantone’s new color of the year (at Tampa International Airport (TPA))