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articles i wanted (but didn’t get a chance to) read this week, part 18

as i write this, i’m already in the woods of eastern Pennsylvania for a weekend of catching up, laughter and general silliness with my best high school gal pals. i’ll even attempt some outdoor jogging later (lord help the deer). enjoy this week’s roundup. there’s some lovely things in here:


  1. journalism wunderkind Foster Kamer talks to Nieman Lab about covering protests
  2. the New Yorker asks if small business can make America prosperous. as a retail writer, this is one i’ll have to come back to and actually read
  3. why TV networks shouldn’t worry about Netflix or Hulu, nymag
  4. after writing her cover article last week (one i still haven’t finished), Intel Noreen went on the telly to talk about it. looks like that kid, at least, is more than “sort of all right”
  5. Capital NY does another “Takeout Story.” it’s very interesting and (two paragraphs in) so sad that i’ll think twice before ordering my shrimp with snow peas from Cheng’s
  6. Vulture’s recap of Sunday’s “Boardwalk Empire.” it’s fitting i haven’t read this yet, cause i also haven’t seen the episode yet
  7. WSJ takes on “The Future of Punctuation.” as someone who’s decided that final periods are useless (in personal writing, of course), i’m also interested to see how grammar is evolving
  8. in LIC foodie news: M.Wells is officially opening at PS1! and on a boat. i’m fuzzy on the details but you can read about on GrubStreet. and if you need to remember the tastiness of this fantastic little restaurant, here are photos from a pop-up they did in Montreal recently
  9. a new site brought to my attention by FishbowlNY, OpenNotebook lets you read successful story pitches and see how they turned out. super interesting and helpful stuff for writers everywhere
  10. "Breaking  Bad" darling Jesse Pinkman joined Twitter! thanks to Vulture for bringing Aaron Paul’s account to my attention, and asking the exact question i was asking: when do the “bitch” monikers start?
  11. a story in the NYTimes magazine about cartoonist Lynda Barry and her apparently life-changing writing workshops. it’s a long read but it sure seems like a worthwhile one. and it came recommended by @maura  (a lady who herself is a tremendously good writer)
  12. something about a lady, her journalist husband, being at the oscars and not being able to have a baby. you know, typical Marie Claire first-person


  1. the first video off the new Black Keys album! if “Lonely Boy” is any indication, we’re in for a fantastic good time when “El Camino” comes out. i only hope there’s more of this lovely man dancing
  2. the latest album from Gringo Star is previewing on Spinner until Sunday night. Check out “Count Yr Lucky Stars” for a pretty straightforward, and well done, take on fuzzy surf rock
  3. and because it’s our lucky week in lady rock, the new Florence + the Machine is previewing on Pretty Much Amazing. i do really love Florence and this latest work is more of what we’ve come to expect from the very talented (wait for it…) chanteuse. i especially love penultimate track "All This and Heaven Too." especially great for running - like i’ll be doing this weekend in Pennsylvania
  4. NYMag has found that everyone on tv this season just talks about penises and vaginas. it’s 44 seconds of juvenile, hilarious fun


  1. since returning to The Talent Show wednesday night, i’ve become interested in the comedians who make regular appearances there. that’s how i came across Eugene Mirman’s book “The Will to Whatevs.” i’m very interested to read it. so please buy me
  2. dinner at new LES restaurant Little Muenster. 1 - because the name is adorable 2 - because the space looks beautiful and 3 - because the sandwiches look deeelicious