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articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 50

WOOOOOOO! the roundup has turned 50!

that means, you have read 50 weeks worth of news dumps. hopefully you’ve enjoyed. just kidding, of course you have. above, Blair demonstrates how i’m currently celebrating. 


  1. Vulture explores just what went down with the couple formerly known as Tom/Kat
  2. Colson Whitehead gives us all tips about writing. specificaly, “show AND tell.” NYTimes
  3. Jessica Biel’s perfect ass apparently told JTimber he can’t see Cameron Diaz anymore. she went all the way to Puerto Rico to do it too, Jezebel
  4. let’s take a trip back in time and remember what the iPhone prototype looked like in 2006, BuzzFeed
  5. speaking of, NYTimes tech writer David Pogue lost his phone and it turned into a really big stinkin’ deal, Gizmodo
  6. ladies and gentleman, birth control is now f-r-e-e!!! NPR
  7. Google bought Wildfire for a crap-ton of money (official sale price), AdAge
  8. it would appear Mitt Romney bought himself a crap-ton of Twitter followers (official numbers), Atlantic
  9. we may have the official rules on playing “True American.” yes, that one “New Girl” game, Hit Fix
  10. what’s the best subway in NYC? more importantly, what’s the worst? NYPost
  11. on saving what’s left of summer, Atlantic Wire
  12. Jezebel helps us understand the Jackson family feud. as best we can without being Joe Jackson evil
  13. what does Madeleine Albright read? everything i’m going to start reading, because homelady rocks! Atlantic Wire
  14. really, i haven’t been watching the Olympics. good thing there’s a slideshow of the opening ceremonies, NY Mag
  15. Keith Olbermann made himself a Tumblr. hope you like sunsets
  16. are you forgetful and suck at your job? here’s 5 things to help, courtesy of dear Veronica
  17. my future writing mentor, Evan Weiss wrote about sliced bread for Hairpin. i don’t get it, but i hope to one day
  18. targeted marketing, y’all - you can now pinpoint what kind of toothpaste someone used as a child when posting to Facebook, TechCrunch
  19. on killing ourselves as a country, Gawker


  1. even if you haven’t seen “Girls,” it’s now time to watch "Boys." Stylecaster
  2. here’s how to remember all the states in the U.S. based on what famous movie takes place there (above photo). good to know that Florida is only relevant as far as Miami, The Soup blog
  3. here’s Madonna singing “Buenos Aires.” even though i hated the current Broadway production, i can’t get this song out of my head!
  4. Norah Jones - “Miriam,” via Ned Hepburn
  5. this is a fun one: London’s mayor tried to zip line down something and got stuck. here’s video of him looking, as one lady described it, “like a weird fat baby.”
  6. Flavorwire has put together the 20 best opening scenes in television. it’s the weekend, watch them all
  7. my dear friend Bryan, whom i love very much even if i can’t follow him on Twitter, made a video of every time Louis C.K. has been sorry on his show. watch if you feel like someone’s wronged you
  8. here’s a man who’s really excited about a train


  1. more of “buy for yourself” but here’s all the shoes they wear in “Breaking Bad.” you know, in case you want to dress like Walt, Counterkicks
  2. all these books Flavorwire is telling me to read in August

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