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articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 63

for the last few months, we haven’t talked about much else. so today, just go vote


  1. the Daily Mail confused my friend Emily for Zooey Deschanel. and it’s hilarious!
  2. VIBE magazine listed the sexiest Halloween parties. i only want to go where KimYe will be
  3. Black Book survived the hurricane much like the rest of us, with tv and cat photos
  4. a Bond girl wore some nice makeup and Glamour looked at it very closely
  5. the NY Times’ public editor chastises one of their own. apparently, betting on the election when you write for the Times is a no no 
  6. these poor horses were part of a drug cartel trade, Seattle Times
  7. why results make us feel psychic, NYTimes
  8. all those pictures we saw pre-hurricane? most of them weren’t real
  9. unfortunately, all the post-hurricane ones were real, BuzzFeed
  10. let’s learn about the portrait of madame x, one of my favorite paintings (and that time Nicole Kidman did it too)
  11. the first few days post Sandy was surprisingly newspaperless, Huffington Post
  12. Bullett on NOT VOGUE, the anonymous fashion critic. know anything about it?
  13. let’s all hate that comfortably smug bastard for lying to us in 140 characters, Buzzfeed
  14. hey dumbass, Al Gore was right all along!” or something like that, BusinessWeek


  1. in the last roundup, i talked about my sadness about the war on women. here’s Tina Fey talking about the rape saga of the GOP at a fundraiser for the Center for Reproductive Rights, Business Insider
  2. if you still can’t get behind the election (time’s up), the Economist sums up the whole mess in 90 seconds. impressive


  1. every time i want to buy a spa deal on some daily website, the reviews are abismal. this one at Serenity Spa ain’t so bad, Gilt City
  2. everyone looked amazing at the LACMA red carpet so i’ll take all of their dresses in my size please, Refinery 29
  3. last weekend, i realized my curling iron is 14 years old. Bella Sugar’s tips reminded me it’s time for a new one
  4. old navy’s rock star jeans really are super comfy. i’ve even flown in them. turns out, Blake Lively and Katie Holmes like them too, People Style Watch
  5. what i really want are the printed dot jeans from Old Navy
  6. Wyatt Cenac is performing at Littlefield on monday. if the subways can take us there, i say let’s go!
  7. photography wundercouple the Bergs stayed in this parisian flat. and who among us wouldn’t like a french getaway right now?
  8. really want to read Jami Attenberg’s new book (even though the launch party was pushed aside by one hurricane sandy)
  9. i have theater tickets, but perhaps you can go to the a reading of last year’s best short stories for me

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