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articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 65

we’re always going somewhere, we’re always late, always rushing, trying to move, get there, leave there, get somewhere else. forever complaining that we’re tired, sleep deprived, in need of another soy latte. but can we ever just be?

i spent so long leaving florida, not being from somewhere else, making it in new york. whenever my parents came to visit, they stayed with friends or at a hotel, never with me. last night, for the first time, my dad flew into JFK and came to stay at my apartment. i fought it for 7 years, and it’s finally here. you know what? i’m actually excited about it. we’ve been sitting around watching TV together, looking through old pictures and, today, we’re setting out to have some new york city fun. i realized that at a certain point, you have to accept things. like your parents. and just be.

while you’re being on the couch this weekend, here are some articles and fun internet finds for you to enjoy. maybe with your parents:


  1. Andy Sachs went from working for the bitch in Prada to being on the cover of Vogue, Refinery 29
  2. Miles Klee at Black Book realllly doesn’t like Politico
  3. which channels and news outlets won election night? Neiman
  4. the new Bergdorf windows gave fashion fixtures the Disney treatment. and it’s adorable, Stylecaster
  5. i saw the new Bond movie this weekend and Tom Ford did a great job. here’s a few other great Bond girl moments in fashion, Stylecaster
  6. need to improve vintage finds? here’s how, BuzzFeed
  7. we finally know what super comedian Louis CK thinks of super hipster gal Lena Dunham. we can look forward to moving on with our super lives, Bullett
  8. in case not, we can only assume there’s nakedness and cake in the Lena Dunham Esquire interview 
  9. keeping Florida classy, a man killed himself (with pills, wuss) after Obama won reelection, Daily Intel
  10. and my hometown got a shout out because it’s at the center of the Petraus sex scandal. because of course it is, NYTimes
  11. John Hodgman is hilarious and he loves Shopsin’s too (which dear friend Art was kind enough to introduce me to), Daily Intel
  12. for practical purposes, here’s 4 questions to ask at the end of a job interview, MintLife
  13. last week, i told you about my friend Natan’s struggle with his downtown building post-Sandy. this week, the NYTimes got wind that they still don’t have power
  14. and for an oldie, let’s all read Edith Zimmerman’s piece about cultural irrelevance (our own, that is)


  1. this video thing about why MTV doesn’t play music videos is frightening, and accurate?
  2. i have it on good authority that the new Paloma Faith album comes out next month. until then, let’s watch her video for “Just Be”
  3. Lilo has made a piece of shit movie that has less than terrible teasers. do you also feel like the joke’s on us? Stylecaster


  1. let’s try this rent-a-nailpolish service, Refinery29
  2. From Me To You recently shot a brand my mother loves. wouldn’t you know it, they have some great stuff
  3. Scoutmob teaches you how to have a puppy and continue being noncommittal 
  4. how about eating at Little Owl?
  5. or maybe Jimmy’s? both restaurants look great
  6. my life is severely lacking a book by ina
  7. what any gal really wants right now is a meal at guy fieri’s new place. i mean, look how much the new york times liked it

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