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articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 66

i hope everyone had quite the lovely Thanksgiving weekend. though we lost my grandmother just before the holiday, she lived to the ripe old age of 91 and we’re quite thankful for that. it made me realize that i have so much to be thankful for, especially the chance to spend my life doing exactly what i have always wanted. it’s quite the amazing thing to realize you’re living the way you’d always imagined. 

of course, a writer is nothing without readers so i also have to thank all of you, for being here every week. thank you thank you and thank you again. i don’t even care if i’m gushing - you’re worth it, each and every one of you!

enjoy this week’s reads. there’s more to come on friday:


  1. a history of caffeinated snacks in 10 slides or less, Bloomberg
  2. this kid can’t color, but he sure know what to be thankful for
  3. McSweeney’s cooked a pretty bomb thanksgiving. cue my drooling
  4. there is a shelter for pets displaced by the hurricane. and boy are they the cutest ever, Daily Intel
  5. that cultural irrelevance article from last week (from last year)? i’m still reading the damn thing, NYTimes magazine
  6. ScarJo has a new secret boyfriend. so secret that it’s all over the Daily Mail
  7. Jen Doll has her priorities straight, is most thankful for the dive bar, Atlantic Wire (i’m not kidding)
  8. the Man Repeller is having some hair issues
  9. hot man Fassbender and hotter man Gosling are now friends on set in mexico. how do you think their conversations start? BuzzFeed
  10. i found a Pinterest board that fits my design aesthetic quite perfectly. how exciting!
  11. black  friday is so insane, behavioral psychologists can’t figure it out, Daily Intel
  12. also insane, this NYPD cop who planned to eat “girl meat” for thanksgiving, Daily Intel
  13. now that he’s at Gawker, Miles put on his sassiest pants. here’s a quiz to see if you can tell real Thought Catalog books from made up ones (probably not)
  14. Mashable thinks these 10 sites are total crap. do you agree?
  15. Seattle Times has several leftover recipes. if you have any, that is
  16. do you know how many instagram pictures we all posted on Thanksgiving? they sure do. the numbers are astounding!
  17. social media at its finest: Oprah hypes the Windows tablet, while using an iPad, Hypervocal
  18. there’s a handful of weeks to lose the Thanksgiving weight before the Christmas dinners. Refinery 29 has a workout plan


  1. the best sketch on SNL last week (Guy Fieri responding to the Times review) didn’t actually make the show. i say we blame Christie
  2. these news anchors in Maine both quit on air because their station was being a butt (“i’m going to freelance, work on my novel and do some painting”)
  3. Russell Brand had some crazy evangelists on his new talk show. bottom line: everyone goes to hell
  4. SNL spoofed Ellen and someone i’d missed it. she does love everything though
  5. this band followed me on twitter but i don’t recommend listening to their single. it’s like suicidal ben gibbard. prob what he listened to during divorce
  6. there was once a movie called “Badlands,” and i’ve only just heard about it. who’s up for a viewing party?
  7. you must be watching “Happy Endings” - it’s terrific! SNL alum Casey Wilson explains why, Huffington Post
  8. NPR spoke to Grace, as in Coddington


  1. Marais is having a sale so all those shoes i’ve wanted are 25% off with code NOIR
  2. MoMA is having a giant tag sale, in the name of art. it’s all a little nuts, Hyperallergic
  3. My Daguerrotype Boyfriend is selling their first calendar - a brilliant way to celebrate each month!
  4. definitely not anything from Black Friday because all of these crowds look insane, Guardian

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