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articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 67

like balloons on David Carr’s head, opportunities sometimes knock you about. in the best way, of course, but it’s hard to manage all of the demands.

that’s where i am right now and at the risk of sounding like a snot, there’s a lot on my plate at the moment (think overweight midwestern at a Golden Coral buffet). and now i’ve gone and insulted people. see what i mean? my head’s not right this week. 

anyway, enjoy these reads! there’ll be a bonus edition come monday (surprise!)


  1. the new trend in food photography is darkness. think rembrandt but with carrots, Yuppie Chef
  2. good news! only 3 people were shot at the west indian day parade. does that get another parade? Runnin Scared
  3. a million congrats to saucy lady Jen Doll for signing a book deal about weddings. attending them, of course, Observer
  4. in case you forgot, here’s the first article Jen wrote about weddings for The Hairpin. already giddy thinking there’ll be hundreds more pages of this!
  5. NYTimes public editor wants you know know it’s hard time having reporters misbehave on the internet
  6. apparently, media isn’t changing. they just have new tricks up their sleeves, AdWeek
  7. The Guardian tells us some disturbing news - this xenophobic man omitted hundreds of words from the dictionary. say whaaaa?
  8. congrats to MoMA and all geeks of the world - there is now a video game in their museum, Hyperallergic
  9. as a person with no Y chromosome, there’s only so much talk of couture gowns and parisian coming out balls i can take before fantasizing of one of my own, The Vivant
  10. in time for Hurrincane Sandy, Taylor Lorenz shared this delightful e-mail from her 92-year-old grandmother. so delightful it makes me want to turn 92 right now
  11. i met Cole Stryker last week and then i read this piece he wrote about the internet (not to be confused with the others, also about the internet)
  12. are you in your 20s and need someone else’s advice? here’s a bit more: books you should read in this ridiculous decade. note: it adds to two tomes a year. can you handle the responsibility, young person???
  13. in other things i missed, how the internet tweeted about the Mars Rover landing, BuzzFeed
  14. keeping alma mater Hofstra U classy as fuck, four basketball players were arrested for on-campus burglary, Newsday
  15. keeping retailers creepy and orwellian, mannequins now spy on you. yes, you read that right, Businessweek
  16. wondering how to get a perfect photo of a great white shark? not anymore! Daily News
  17. presented because we know how much i like cookies: Equinox founder shares her favorite fitness apps, Mashable
  1. christmas is coming all kinds of early - Solange’s single from her newest album. cue the eeeee-ing now, All Songs
  2. this telekinesis music because it’s cool
  3. Grover Norquist really really believes in the no tax pledge. even more than he believes in pink unicorms, NPR
  4. presented because we all know how much i love Meryl Streep and, by default, her offspring: CW is canceling “Emily Owens, MD," Vulture
  5. all those cool fashion blog people got together and skated around in the park for a bit
  6. i knew i’d have to take Julie Klausner out soome 
  7. fine, i like “Girls.” whatever. shut up 
  8. did you know you can potty train an alpaca?
  9. it’s Friday, go have a kiki 
  1. have i mentioned i need a massage? i really need a flipping massage, people! Gilt City
  2. Asos has this adorable fox scarf and i haven’t stopped thinking about it (vanity prints!)
  3. Harry Seissman’s apartment came out of my dreams and into Manhattan, Design Hunting
  4. no bedroom, especially that of a child, is complete without an animal head. a stuffed animal head, that is
  5. chocolate chocolate everywhere, and i’m going to eat it all!
  6. dear friend LG introduced me to Kinfolk Mag and now i’m hooked. subscription pour moi please!
  7. yes also to this tiny bow bracelet!
  8. if you’re wondering where cheap ass boutiques order their terrible quality goods, it’s sites like this. and you can shop there too!
  9. The Man Repeller got this swank blanket, and then she wore it as a scarf. fashion is full of surprises
  10. the NYTimes announced their 10 best books. i only want to read two or so
  11. there’s a lot of iPhone gloves out there. here’s some in leather
  12. not all holiday gifts have to be expensive. in fact, you can make some treats to share with friends
  13. but of course, everything that’s on GOOP’s list will do nicely too

(photo via Carr Gifs, which is brilliant and you should go follow them now!)