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articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 68

today was very sad and none of my silly jokes seem important. but i wrote this for you all week so here it is. feel free to ignore until the weekend, or forever. i’m off to call my mommy. 

also, read the onion, because they win it today


  1. Hillary and Meryl and best friends and i will sleep happily for the rest of my days, Refinery29
  2. on the internet, Ryry cannot be smoted. not even by racist hackers, BuzzFeed
  3. with criticism, we’re still not sure about Lena Dunham (love, hate, love to hate, hate to love?) Vulture
  4. just say "mani pixie dream" anything and see how many think pieces are launched, Grantland
  5. along with lovely Reb, we wrote a recap for MKG. here’s last week’s
  6. if you know an introvert, or want to know an introvert, this graphic might help
  7. when you’re blinded by vodka, the only antidote is whiskey, natch
  8. i don’t watch “Community” but i do watch “Go On” and Flavorwire wrote a piece on both
  9. and now we know where some of new york media will be partying this holiday season, Awl. who wants to crash that BBC party with me?
  10. Loop lady Lauren P wrote about moms being super awful. just don’t read the comments, XOJane
  11. uh-oh, it looks like Instagram and Twitter are on a break. whatever will we do??? BuzzFeed
  12. rooftop farms, amirite? or rather, why aren’t there more of them, GOOD
  13. i always knew Tony Danza and i would be great friends - he also loves to clean, NYMag
  14. definitely don’t read MTV’s explanation of “millenials” if you want to remain unembarrassed
  15. newspapers really aren’t having a good season. the Long Island Press is going monthly
  16. nate silver is not a fan of Politico. no sir, not at all, Raw Story
  17. here are some healthy fish recipes, because we could all use a lighter fare between holiday parties and cookie swaps, Fit Sugar
  18. if that’s not enough, Self has a slideshow of Insanity workouts you can do for yourself (without the DVDs, that is)
  19. just sit down, shut the door (or vice versa) and read this piece on Bill Murray. seriously though, i love him!
  20. and in case you missed it, there was a GQ piece about Mr. Murray before too
  21. ladies of new york, stop feeling bad about your “second bag”. The Cut proves that everybody does it
  22. i randomly met Luther Lowe on a work trip to Vegas and of course we had a friend in common. now he’s in a BuzzFeed article about Google Reader
  23. Ryry made a new MySpace. and it’s shockingly a lot like the old MySpace. we all still listen to Smashmouth right? BuzzFeed
  1. as promised, the Paloma Faith album indeed came out, Spinner
  2. if you haven’t watched the finale of Boardwalk Empire, write to me and i’ll get you a link. otherwise, this recap from Vulture is mandatory 
  3. Kottke agrees Boardwalk Empire is great now
  4. Kinfolk mag has a holiday playlist
  5. and so does Brooklyn mag
  6. poor Dave Brubeck passed away. let’s watch this great video of him
  7. the holiday season is stressful and we always need a reason to smile. the lady talking to Jay Z on the subway does the trick nicely, Daily Intel
  8. the evian roller babies commercial: cute or creepy? 
  9. bastion of music that it is, All Songs chose their top 50 albums of the year. even though there are still three weeks of releases left
  10. a Charles Bradley cover of “I’ll Slip Away,” because sometimes i like to support Florida folk
  11. sometimes, PSAs are magic. like when they tell you all the “dumb ways to die,” Atlantic
  12. i don’t care how long you’ve been together, please never break news to me in a song, Daily News
  1. "The Elements of Style" comes in an illustrated version. we have no excuse for bad written form
  2. i’m going to LA in February and need to start dressing like Opening Ceremony’s Jenny Le, Refiner29
  3. this little vinyl case from Madewell is pretty necessary for giftgiving, to yourself at least
  4. a sea animals print please!
  5. a pictogram like this one Hemingway’s friends made him as a get well. seriously, guys, you’re slacking, The Vault
  6. everything in this home is beautiful and i want it. all of it, Brooklyn Mag
  7. let’s make these sazerac cookies and give them to each other as gifts. then retire to new orleans, Tasting Table
  8. "you are the cheese to my macaroni" seems as lovely a vow as i’ve ever heard. especially when it’s on a pillow, Paper Source
  9. these NYC best dressed ladies on Daily Candy’s list have some pretty nice stuff. choose from their wardrobe with me in mind
  10. for the kitchen, no one should be without a mortar and pestle
  11. and also a food thermometer please, so i don’t undercook a meat and kill us all
  12. all three bottles of the “best american whiskey" will do nicely to see me into 2013, grubstreet
  13. nearly all of the things on BuzzFeed’s list of pointless gifts. actually, nah, throw ‘em all in!