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articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read last week: part 71

hello dear friends and readers of news the internet through! i’m so happy to be back after what turned into a much longer than anticipated break from the weekly roundup. we’re properly into winter now and it’s so enjoyable to take things a bit slower as we make sure not to slip on the snowy sidewalks. once you’ve made it safely home, put on your jammies and some cozy sock and snuggle up with some great reads from last week. or just take off your shoes at work and enjoy the freedom your toes feel until 6:00 p.m. crazy thoughts, perhaps, but man it’s good to be back!


  1. it’s over now and we’re all sad, but the AV Club explains 10 key 30 Rock episodes that made it the best ever (and changed the sitcom formula)
  2. Lena Dunham went on Alec Baldwin’s podcast and she discussed the insanity that is Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship
  3. one time, Martha Stewart visited the Beekman farm
  4. Vulture was kind enough to look into the problem with Bates on Downton Abbey
  5. The Awl wrote this back when it was 9 degrees out, but it works for today’s post snowstorm too
  6. meanwhile, BuzzFeed reminds us why snow and cold are really pretty great
  7. i still haven’t read this NYTimes piece on what middle class is in Manhattan, but i’m sure it’s going to be ridiculous
  8. to follow up, Brooklyn Mag explains the difference between being broke and being poor, in NYC and otherwise
  9. can’t wait for Entourage the Movie to come out? some pieces of the script were leaked on this lovely new Tumblr
  10. a “Girls” reality show seemed like the worst thing ever. and then it magically got more terrible, Jezebel
  11. are you Liz Lemon? Thought Catalog helps you figure it out. and by “you” i mean “me.” (and the answer is “yes.”)
  12. i joined This Is My Jam. and i really like it. find me there
  13. while in LA, i visited Melody Ehsani’s boutique to have my nails done. here are 5 inspiring life lessons from the jewelry designer
  14. wondering how much a community manager should make? here is a breakdown from Sue On The Web. warning: the salaries are exactly all over the map
  15. someone wrote a really not nice review of “Identify Theft” entirely focused on Melissa McCarthy’s weight. and someone else at Deadline Hollywood called him out on it. take that, mean reviewers - internet wins again!
  16. shopping website Net A Porter (always loved that pun) is starting its own web fashion magazine. watch out Vogue, i guess? Refinery29


  1. one of the most forgotten parts of the OSCARS is the shorts, and then especially the animated shorts. here’s "The Paperman" from Disney - which is near and dear to my heart because, you know, journalism
  2. Blake Lively went to fashion week to shill that new perfume for Gucci. but in her interview with Refinery 29, she reminds us why we already miss Serena
  3. James Blake has a new single and Gorilla vs. Bear is SO EXCITED about it
  4. originally posted by Dave Brown, this awesome video helps us remember making stuff with our hands is really pretty great
  5. Ryan teaches BuzzFeed and all of us about the Harlem Shake. he’s really doing God’s work, you guys


  1. i’ve been thinking about getting into juicing, which means i need a juicer. and this one is pretty reasonable for a novice

(photo up top via last week’s episode of Fresh Meat. if you aren’t watching it yet, get to Hulu immediately because it’s amaahzing!)