amy odell explains exactly why i’m late all the time…

…and why i have a chair full of piled up clean clothes that are always in need of being put away:

I end up in The Wrong Outfit more often than I’d like to. [Ed. note: Not true.] You know what I mean: the outfit that isn’t as cute or stylish or clever as you thought it was when you first put it on — probably after putting lots of other things on, and maybe after taking it off and putting it back on again — and taints your day with a lingering feeling of ickiness. This day isn’t as good as it could be, the Bad Outfit shouts at you when you’re forced to stare at it in the ladies’ room mirror, offending the eyes like a logo on a pair of sweatpants on Jersey Shore. I’d really like to cut down on the Bad Outfit days.

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