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articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read: part 75

i have abandoned you for so very long that it’s very definitely time to bring this little ditty back. here are some articles to read over the weekend while you remember that i still love you.

know who doesn’t love you? summer. because it’s determined to turn our sunny months into a poor remake of waterworld (as if that were even possible omg that movie was so bad).

but yeah, since the sun won’t come out and there’s nothing to enjoy outside, have a sit, grab some cookies and get to reading. enjoy!


  1. the way of the tv viewer is definitely through Twitter, The Verge
  2. John McCain knows it too (and everyone else should be ashamed of themselves because he is OLD), LATimes
  3. the history of the Fuck Yeah tumblrs as explained on not Tumblr, Medium
  4. following last week’s home invasion and that poor girl’s death, Hofstra students have some ideas. unfortunately, they’re a bit misguided, WSJ
  5. give yourself a break this weekend and read all about Robert Redford. then take a nap and dream all about Robert Redford, The Hairpin
  6. Mike Birbiglia was profiled in BuzzFeed and i only know about beacuse of his very adorable tweet
  7. also in BuzzFeed, a profile on the new face of the human rights movement around the globe. nice job, Rosie Gray!
  8. GQ wins my heart forever because they got Maya Rudolph to recreate awkward family photos. Danny McBride was there too if you’re into that sort of thing
  9. Park Slope Family Circus is the latest gift from the internet to make us chuckle. i’m betting if it had been on Tumblr, it would have a book deal by now
  10. hey remember the OC
  11. neighborhood stape 5 Pointz is safe. for now? DailyNews
  12. Andrew Sullivan isn’t sure he knows what he wants. i think he wants a cronut, The Dish
  13. what’s everyone being paid in NYC? Daily Intel takes a lesson out of BuzzFeed and culls Reddit for the answer
  14. for when everything seems terrible, there’s Screenshots of Despair to make it worse
  15. yes, this week Facebook joined the ranks of Twitter in annoyance by allowing hashtags. #ugh, AdAge
  16. the interns who sued the big bad movie studios just won their lawsuit and holy moses does this mean that internships will start paying more than $0 now? THR
  17. in other Tumblr news, let Beyonce teach you art history
  18. some lessons (3) on using Twitter successfully, as a brand, Forbes
  19. speaking of, here are the 25 most engaged brands on Twitter. shoutout Disney and ESPN, Mashable
  20. this essay about eating very very specific feelings struck a very very particular chord with me. so read it cause it’s pretty awesome, Hairpin
  21. someone must have caught on to my #SATClastlines idea because they’re watching the series over again too. that someone is writing about it for Bullett
  22. we can all hope and pray for student loan reform but it’s more than likely never going to happen, Roll Call
  23. if you plan to date someone who plans to be famous, you’d better get your social media presence in order. yes, you, Jezebel
  24. over at Vulture, Seitz thinks Selina aka Veep is the best comedic performance on TV right now. know what? i super totally agree. go watch Veep! 


  1. i’m way behind on Mad Men this season, but Sloane Croasley and her friend are writing knee-jerk reviews for the NYTimes which are pretty great
  2. Neko Case has a new single and it’s called “Man” and listen to it now! Paste
  3. the darlings at AllSongs have chosen their favorite albums at the half year mark, NPR
  4. NOT any Taylor Swift songs. but you SHOULD read this rewrite of “22” on McSweeney’s
  5. definitely watch “The Imperialists Are Still Alive” on Netflix this weekend cause it’s one of my favorite discoveries. and here’s the AVClub review. (p.s. this is what writer/director Zeina Durra looks like. hello hot stuff!)
  6. Brad Pitt ate Vegemite for the first time (in Australia, natch) and dug into it like me with a jar of Nutella on a Friday night, GrubStreet


  1. BuzzFeed has a list of 65 books to read in your 20s and i’m not opposed to sitting down and discussing which books we want to borrow from each other
  2. a damn cronut already!
  3. since that likely won’t happen for another few months, let’s make this apricot almond tart together
  4. this apartment is pretty great and i wouldn’t mind if someone could  help me figure out how to redecorate mine, BKMag

a 4-year-old held up two police officers in Surrey and it was adorable

(via @SurreyPolice)

articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 74


last week was real real crazy for news so if you missed stuff, it’s ok. i grabbed on to some of the more frivolous chatter…


  1. there are a lot of terrible things going on in the world this week, perhaps the most to ever go on in an entire week, but none as so annoying as “elimination communication” - this newfangled potty training idea that has parents clacking like they’re Swahili and nyc babies peeing between parked cars. here’s more about it in the NYTimes, but i promise it’ll be sufficiently frustrating 
  2. if your friends are doing EC (above), chances are they recently had a baby or recently got a puppy. in Brooklyn Mag, one hip lady talks all about being preggo
  3. ok, now let’s talk about all the other poop out there (the kind not from babies): The Onion is on it lately of the Boston tragedy they said: “This is just the way the world is now.”
  4. poor Mark Wahlberg still had to do press the night of the Boston explosions for his ridiculous new movie, NYObserver
  5. the New Yorker wrote something lovely about the significance of the marathon
  6. in a crazy sad world, BuzzFeed still believes in the wisdom of Bob Ross
  7. here’s a magazine doing fashion editorials of chickens. think they’re on diets too?
  8. how much is too much to show in a newspaper? the nytimes discusses daily news’ decision to edit down their gory monday photo
  9. since senate decided to be a bunch of disappointing limp weenies this week (some of them, anyway), gabby giffords took to the nytimes to explain why NOT passing gun reform was a terrible idea
  10. oh yeah, and there’s a manhunt going on in Boston (a town now completely shut down) for the remaining bombing suspect. BuzzFeed has a good rundown of all the news if you can’t focus on anything else today
  11. speaking of, i’m with The Onion on this one too - the news is doing a bad job
  12. if you really want to lose all hope in humanity: read through this insane e-mail from a Maryland sorority girl that Gakwer got hold of. chances are, people have already started signing their e-mails “I LITERALLY want you to email me back telling me if you’re mentally slow,” becuase i know i have
  13. and for some happy newslovely and talented Bryan Menegus was called out in Fast Company for being a master of the supercut
  14. Vulture talked to House of Cards’ showrunner and you’d better take some time this weekend to read through everything he had to say because it’s important!


  1. here is the newest single from camera obscura to play obsessively until their new album finally comes out in june
  2. Patty Smith has some life advice. and you’d better listen cause homelady has lived, Refinery29
  3. this Philadelphia news anchor interviewed Ryan Lochte and he was so ridiculous she laughed on air for the next 5 minutes. they cut to commercial when she started snorting, Raw Story
  4. because he’s the funniest man alive, Louis CK proves you can indeed make a rape joke AND not offend anybody, The Cut
  5. for the millionth time, Amy Poehler wins our hearts. all of them, Vulture


  1. whatever Alexa Chung said she loves, i want to. let’s start with that perfect haircut, Refinery29
  2. a ticket to see “The Assembled Parties” play because it sounds pretty terrific
  3. a lobster roll. dear god, just get all of the lobster rolls. french AND america, Grub Street

(photo via paralysedbeaver)

articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 73


news threads. twitter feeds. instagram rolls. tumblr dashboards. everywhere. all the time. it never stops. news is so overwhelming. it’s like this for everyone, i suspect, and it’s worse for those of us who actually work in news.

don’t get me wrong, i wouldn’t want to do anything else but that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when i wouldn’t like to throw my laptop against a wall and run far away, to a place with no internet access. i rectify the urge by keeping my weekends mostly internet free (or at least free of computer time because there’s no escaping brunch photos).

that doesn’t work for everyone, so if you’re spending your nights and weekends hooked to the web, here’s some fun for you to read…cause we all need someone to make sense of the flood of information. enjoy!


  1. oh lookie, Pilot (nee Bacon) made it on BuzzFeed’s best tweets of the Oscars list
  2. Kanye’s tirade might be worth the price of admission alone, Bullett
  3. the "I Hurt I am in Fashion" blog is the best thing to come out of the fashion industry maybe ever
  4. speaking of people who are terrible in fashion, here’s the Brandt brothers upholding women’s rights
  5. someone went ahead and put together a list of the unhappiest states, based on their tweeters. guess who’s the least happy?
  6. gothamist is looking for a blogger friend. won’t you help them out?
  7. Alex Karpovsky talked to Bullett along the press tour for his new movie
  8. all “controversial” ladies Lisa Lampanelli and Lena Dunham were missing: a twitter tiff about the n word
  9. we could all use a little help and Poynter has a guide to help reporters be better self-editors
  10. Grantland is really not happy with the general state of food tv, and Bourdain specifically
  11. BuzzFeed put their gif skills to good use, explaining what it’s like to be a single lady all in animated glory
  12. Jezebel has the very strange idea that you should have sex with people because they’re intriguing, if not attractive
  13. of course the highest rated and supremely affordable cleaning service on Yelp is no longer taking new clients
  14. Refinery29 has the basics on being a style blogger. correction: a star style blogger


  1. i discovered this great show on WFMU and it’s terrific listening for the work-from-home crowd
  2. the new Youth Lagoon album, which you can still preview on NPR, is also terrific listening for the work-from-home crowd (or, i suppose, any crowd but i work from home so there you have it)
  3. take two models, put them in a grocery store, begin interview. sounds like it should be fun, but is probably quite boring in the way that extraordinarily pretty people aren’t very interesting
  4. let’s just be clear, i would die if Amy Poehler ever called me
  5. i hate people who talk about TED Talks but the 4 minutes i watched of this one told me to pretend to be confident and my body would start believing it. and i’m all for lying to myself


  1. these Nine West puppies are pretty perfect for spring. i’ll even let you decide on black or beige
  2. i very seriously want a wooden iphone case and this bamboo one is pretty nice for not $80
  3. here are the best burgers in NYC according to city bible New York Mag
  4. Rye Restaurant in Williamsburg looks amazing and i want to go there immediately, k?

(buster keaton gif via)


Some of the week’s best headlines.

Sources: Taco BellWoodward, Pig, Bieber, Fire Station, Pope

this is brilliant and everything i like about new roundups. 

articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 72

i’d like to take a lesson from the very adorable Joseph Gordon Levitt here about asking for help. for me, it’s always been harder than it probably should be. i spend so much time determined to get something, anything done myself - because, you know the old story, only i can do it right - despite the fact that the thing would go along much easier were i to get off my sassy horse and admit defeat. at least where autonomy is concerned.

and so, consider this my resolution to be less preoccupied with independence and more interested in asking assistance. because who wouldn’t like oscar winner and generally fantastic person Sally Field tying their bow tie?

because you probably need a little help from time to time, i’m here to aid your boredom and tuesday stress with a little reading material. enjoy!


  1. this post comes around every valentine’s day but it bears repeating…you should date a journalist
  2. after all the street style photos i’ve been staring at all fashion week, Bullett Mag turned the camera on the photogs
  3. Harper’s Bazaar did a profile on Marina Abramovic and her Soho pad. did you know she lives with Givenchy’s creative director? yay roomies for life!
  4. music writer crush Nitsuh Abebe explains why Beyonce can’t have it all. or maybe she can
  5. speaking of music writers, the Village Voice warns us all against that kind of nonsense
  6. the great museum by my house is doing an entire Sunday Session for Andy Kaufman. and Tony Clifton is going to be there, whoever he is
  7. weirdly enough, Facebook recommended this article about Kate Winslet visiting New Zealand. and since it’s from a kiwi paper, the line “While the ladies shopped, the blokes went to a nearby cafe” was written for our giggling pleasure
  8. i had such a pleasure of discovering the STFU Parents blog because it’s everything i think ever time i hide someone FB feed for having a baby
  9. Pilot who is lovely and dear and wrote some pretty fantastic “30 Rock” recaps also wrote about “Bob’s Burgers” for AV Club
  10. Black Book insists that we shouldn’t feel bad for Leo DiCaprio ever. but what about if he never ever wins an Oscar? can we feel bad for him then?
  11. the NYTimes found yet another place where “the hipsters” are settling
  12. in time for Valentine’s Day, Aziz Ansari wrote his own modern love essay and not in the Times (rebelrebel)
  13. no worries, i’ve got a proper Times Modern Love essay for you too
  14. i especially liked this roundup of passive aggressive notes and their hilarious responses because i often fight the urge to leave a passive aggressive note
  15. Refinery 29 covered yet another gala and now i can’t remember why i put this in the roundup
  16. Jezebel is looking for something called an editorial fellow which i think is just a fancy word for intern but if you’re into that sort of thing by all means apply away


  1. Blake Lively was at fashion week hawking her Gucci perfume. but in the meantime, she reminded us all why we already miss Serena, Refinery29
  2. The XX did a tiny desk concert with All Songs, because amazingness galore!
  3. Jenny Lewis made a valentine’s day mixtape for Spin. which is surprising because who knew that Spin was still around?
  4. no thanks to Refinery29, i spent the better part of an hour this week watching through old episodes of “Between Two Ferns.” start with this year’s Oscar special part 1


  1. i heard about this ridiculous  group of people called Turquoise Jeep. and guess what?! they’re playing Brooklyn Bowl in April. get your tkts (and my tkts) now
  2. Timo Weiland’s house is pretty fantastic so let’s look through it and feel bad about the decor in our homes, Refinery29

(photo via Hit Record Joe Tumblr)

articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read last week: part 71

hello dear friends and readers of news the internet through! i’m so happy to be back after what turned into a much longer than anticipated break from the weekly roundup. we’re properly into winter now and it’s so enjoyable to take things a bit slower as we make sure not to slip on the snowy sidewalks. once you’ve made it safely home, put on your jammies and some cozy sock and snuggle up with some great reads from last week. or just take off your shoes at work and enjoy the freedom your toes feel until 6:00 p.m. crazy thoughts, perhaps, but man it’s good to be back!


  1. it’s over now and we’re all sad, but the AV Club explains 10 key 30 Rock episodes that made it the best ever (and changed the sitcom formula)
  2. Lena Dunham went on Alec Baldwin’s podcast and she discussed the insanity that is Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship
  3. one time, Martha Stewart visited the Beekman farm
  4. Vulture was kind enough to look into the problem with Bates on Downton Abbey
  5. The Awl wrote this back when it was 9 degrees out, but it works for today’s post snowstorm too
  6. meanwhile, BuzzFeed reminds us why snow and cold are really pretty great
  7. i still haven’t read this NYTimes piece on what middle class is in Manhattan, but i’m sure it’s going to be ridiculous
  8. to follow up, Brooklyn Mag explains the difference between being broke and being poor, in NYC and otherwise
  9. can’t wait for Entourage the Movie to come out? some pieces of the script were leaked on this lovely new Tumblr
  10. a “Girls” reality show seemed like the worst thing ever. and then it magically got more terrible, Jezebel
  11. are you Liz Lemon? Thought Catalog helps you figure it out. and by “you” i mean “me.” (and the answer is “yes.”)
  12. i joined This Is My Jam. and i really like it. find me there
  13. while in LA, i visited Melody Ehsani’s boutique to have my nails done. here are 5 inspiring life lessons from the jewelry designer
  14. wondering how much a community manager should make? here is a breakdown from Sue On The Web. warning: the salaries are exactly all over the map
  15. someone wrote a really not nice review of “Identify Theft” entirely focused on Melissa McCarthy’s weight. and someone else at Deadline Hollywood called him out on it. take that, mean reviewers - internet wins again!
  16. shopping website Net A Porter (always loved that pun) is starting its own web fashion magazine. watch out Vogue, i guess? Refinery29


  1. one of the most forgotten parts of the OSCARS is the shorts, and then especially the animated shorts. here’s "The Paperman" from Disney - which is near and dear to my heart because, you know, journalism
  2. Blake Lively went to fashion week to shill that new perfume for Gucci. but in her interview with Refinery 29, she reminds us why we already miss Serena
  3. James Blake has a new single and Gorilla vs. Bear is SO EXCITED about it
  4. originally posted by Dave Brown, this awesome video helps us remember making stuff with our hands is really pretty great
  5. Ryan teaches BuzzFeed and all of us about the Harlem Shake. he’s really doing God’s work, you guys


  1. i’ve been thinking about getting into juicing, which means i need a juicer. and this one is pretty reasonable for a novice

(photo up top via last week’s episode of Fresh Meat. if you aren’t watching it yet, get to Hulu immediately because it’s amaahzing!)

articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read (last year): part 69


since the end of 2012 got so nutty for me, i put these roundups together but never posted them. i do apologize, my dears.

here’s part one of the end-of-year roundups. enjoy!


  1. if you market a detox diet for lazy people, i might just be interested, Refinery29
  2. Louis CK took Vanity Fair’s proust questionnaire. if you’re asking if it’s funny you just need to get the flip out of here
  3. Syracuse University did a “spirit wall” for the holidays and it’s a pretty brilliant use of social media. well done, guys!
  4. you LL Bean boyfriend is the only thing you need to see this week and next
  5. sammie sent me this about Jawbreaker, AV Club
  6. seems everyone hates Politico these days, even in an “anthropological way”, Daily Intel
  7. who says feminists can’t be funny? they sure know how to prank Victoria’s Secret
  8. i still haven’t read Lena Dunham’s piece on Nora Ephron
  9. apparently Miss Dunham was pretty pissed Gawker posted her book proposal
  10. oh yeah, and GIRLS got its own “what should we call me” tumblr, Mashable
  11. Dave Edelstein at NYMag really didn’t like “Les Mis.” thank god
  12. rules for your company’s holiday party. legit ones, Yahoo! News
  13. did you know about Medium??? me either
  14. did you know about iawriter??? me either
  15. The Cut picked their 25 favorite red carpet looks this year. i really really liked some of them (Blake wins it for me though)
  16. if you watched the 12.12.12 concert, heard about it or were alive on the day, Mediabistro has some career advice for you
  17. another article about the Manic Pixie Dream Girl but one that isn’t crap, Somersault Mag
  18. BuzzFeed confirms what i’ve long suspected…high school and Congress are much alive
  19. truth or truth? is Chris Christie too fat to be president? Raw Story (bonus if you can name another fat president)
  20. in a story that won’t surprise you, elephants in russia were saved by vodka, AP (h/t sammie)
  21. Facebook interns make HOW MUCH??? Refinery29


  1. i don’t understand why Bill Murray was tazed on his way to Letterman, but then i don’t understand a lot of what Bill Murray does
  2. Dan Amira also hated the breakup song and then the breakup song writer wrote a song about him. oy the internet, Daily Intel
  3. you must stop exactly everything you’re doing and watch this baby play in this puddle with this dog, Huffington Post
  4. speaking of 12.12.12 - let’s talk about Adam Sandler. does he even live in new york? Daily Intel
  5. i don’t know how this happened but i think the dark forces were involved
  6. once upon a time (last year) Bloomberg won a different mayorship
  7. the NYT must really hate us, because they showed us what happens when you leave a piano out in nyc. the outcome is really just demoralizing. but i say those people should have left a note
  8. here’s a french beach artists talking about art on the beach, The Source


  1. this doesn’t yet exist, but i really want the "Tree of Life" Lego set, Onion
  2. Funny or Die has this iPad app called The Occasional. first, i need an iPad

(photo via)

Taylor Swift’s Love Life by the Numbers - she sure isn’t sitting at home, this one

(via The Daily Beast

articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 68

today was very sad and none of my silly jokes seem important. but i wrote this for you all week so here it is. feel free to ignore until the weekend, or forever. i’m off to call my mommy. 

also, read the onion, because they win it today


  1. Hillary and Meryl and best friends and i will sleep happily for the rest of my days, Refinery29
  2. on the internet, Ryry cannot be smoted. not even by racist hackers, BuzzFeed
  3. with criticism, we’re still not sure about Lena Dunham (love, hate, love to hate, hate to love?) Vulture
  4. just say "mani pixie dream" anything and see how many think pieces are launched, Grantland
  5. along with lovely Reb, we wrote a recap for MKG. here’s last week’s
  6. if you know an introvert, or want to know an introvert, this graphic might help
  7. when you’re blinded by vodka, the only antidote is whiskey, natch
  8. i don’t watch “Community” but i do watch “Go On” and Flavorwire wrote a piece on both
  9. and now we know where some of new york media will be partying this holiday season, Awl. who wants to crash that BBC party with me?
  10. Loop lady Lauren P wrote about moms being super awful. just don’t read the comments, XOJane
  11. uh-oh, it looks like Instagram and Twitter are on a break. whatever will we do??? BuzzFeed
  12. rooftop farms, amirite? or rather, why aren’t there more of them, GOOD
  13. i always knew Tony Danza and i would be great friends - he also loves to clean, NYMag
  14. definitely don’t read MTV’s explanation of “millenials” if you want to remain unembarrassed
  15. newspapers really aren’t having a good season. the Long Island Press is going monthly
  16. nate silver is not a fan of Politico. no sir, not at all, Raw Story
  17. here are some healthy fish recipes, because we could all use a lighter fare between holiday parties and cookie swaps, Fit Sugar
  18. if that’s not enough, Self has a slideshow of Insanity workouts you can do for yourself (without the DVDs, that is)
  19. just sit down, shut the door (or vice versa) and read this piece on Bill Murray. seriously though, i love him!
  20. and in case you missed it, there was a GQ piece about Mr. Murray before too
  21. ladies of new york, stop feeling bad about your “second bag”. The Cut proves that everybody does it
  22. i randomly met Luther Lowe on a work trip to Vegas and of course we had a friend in common. now he’s in a BuzzFeed article about Google Reader
  23. Ryry made a new MySpace. and it’s shockingly a lot like the old MySpace. we all still listen to Smashmouth right? BuzzFeed
  1. as promised, the Paloma Faith album indeed came out, Spinner
  2. if you haven’t watched the finale of Boardwalk Empire, write to me and i’ll get you a link. otherwise, this recap from Vulture is mandatory 
  3. Kottke agrees Boardwalk Empire is great now
  4. Kinfolk mag has a holiday playlist
  5. and so does Brooklyn mag
  6. poor Dave Brubeck passed away. let’s watch this great video of him
  7. the holiday season is stressful and we always need a reason to smile. the lady talking to Jay Z on the subway does the trick nicely, Daily Intel
  8. the evian roller babies commercial: cute or creepy? 
  9. bastion of music that it is, All Songs chose their top 50 albums of the year. even though there are still three weeks of releases left
  10. a Charles Bradley cover of “I’ll Slip Away,” because sometimes i like to support Florida folk
  11. sometimes, PSAs are magic. like when they tell you all the “dumb ways to die,” Atlantic
  12. i don’t care how long you’ve been together, please never break news to me in a song, Daily News
  1. "The Elements of Style" comes in an illustrated version. we have no excuse for bad written form
  2. i’m going to LA in February and need to start dressing like Opening Ceremony’s Jenny Le, Refiner29
  3. this little vinyl case from Madewell is pretty necessary for giftgiving, to yourself at least
  4. a sea animals print please!
  5. a pictogram like this one Hemingway’s friends made him as a get well. seriously, guys, you’re slacking, The Vault
  6. everything in this home is beautiful and i want it. all of it, Brooklyn Mag
  7. let’s make these sazerac cookies and give them to each other as gifts. then retire to new orleans, Tasting Table
  8. "you are the cheese to my macaroni" seems as lovely a vow as i’ve ever heard. especially when it’s on a pillow, Paper Source
  9. these NYC best dressed ladies on Daily Candy’s list have some pretty nice stuff. choose from their wardrobe with me in mind
  10. for the kitchen, no one should be without a mortar and pestle
  11. and also a food thermometer please, so i don’t undercook a meat and kill us all
  12. all three bottles of the “best american whiskey" will do nicely to see me into 2013, grubstreet
  13. nearly all of the things on BuzzFeed’s list of pointless gifts. actually, nah, throw ‘em all in! 


I can’t stop laughing at this.

i really relate to this “stylish but illegal” little gal

(Source: folkinz)

articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 67

like balloons on David Carr’s head, opportunities sometimes knock you about. in the best way, of course, but it’s hard to manage all of the demands.

that’s where i am right now and at the risk of sounding like a snot, there’s a lot on my plate at the moment (think overweight midwestern at a Golden Coral buffet). and now i’ve gone and insulted people. see what i mean? my head’s not right this week. 

anyway, enjoy these reads! there’ll be a bonus edition come monday (surprise!)


  1. the new trend in food photography is darkness. think rembrandt but with carrots, Yuppie Chef
  2. good news! only 3 people were shot at the west indian day parade. does that get another parade? Runnin Scared
  3. a million congrats to saucy lady Jen Doll for signing a book deal about weddings. attending them, of course, Observer
  4. in case you forgot, here’s the first article Jen wrote about weddings for The Hairpin. already giddy thinking there’ll be hundreds more pages of this!
  5. NYTimes public editor wants you know know it’s hard time having reporters misbehave on the internet
  6. apparently, media isn’t changing. they just have new tricks up their sleeves, AdWeek
  7. The Guardian tells us some disturbing news - this xenophobic man omitted hundreds of words from the dictionary. say whaaaa?
  8. congrats to MoMA and all geeks of the world - there is now a video game in their museum, Hyperallergic
  9. as a person with no Y chromosome, there’s only so much talk of couture gowns and parisian coming out balls i can take before fantasizing of one of my own, The Vivant
  10. in time for Hurrincane Sandy, Taylor Lorenz shared this delightful e-mail from her 92-year-old grandmother. so delightful it makes me want to turn 92 right now
  11. i met Cole Stryker last week and then i read this piece he wrote about the internet (not to be confused with the others, also about the internet)
  12. are you in your 20s and need someone else’s advice? here’s a bit more: books you should read in this ridiculous decade. note: it adds to two tomes a year. can you handle the responsibility, young person???
  13. in other things i missed, how the internet tweeted about the Mars Rover landing, BuzzFeed
  14. keeping alma mater Hofstra U classy as fuck, four basketball players were arrested for on-campus burglary, Newsday
  15. keeping retailers creepy and orwellian, mannequins now spy on you. yes, you read that right, Businessweek
  16. wondering how to get a perfect photo of a great white shark? not anymore! Daily News
  17. presented because we know how much i like cookies: Equinox founder shares her favorite fitness apps, Mashable
  1. christmas is coming all kinds of early - Solange’s single from her newest album. cue the eeeee-ing now, All Songs
  2. this telekinesis music because it’s cool
  3. Grover Norquist really really believes in the no tax pledge. even more than he believes in pink unicorms, NPR
  4. presented because we all know how much i love Meryl Streep and, by default, her offspring: CW is canceling “Emily Owens, MD," Vulture
  5. all those cool fashion blog people got together and skated around in the park for a bit
  6. i knew i’d have to take Julie Klausner out soome 
  7. fine, i like “Girls.” whatever. shut up 
  8. did you know you can potty train an alpaca?
  9. it’s Friday, go have a kiki 
  1. have i mentioned i need a massage? i really need a flipping massage, people! Gilt City
  2. Asos has this adorable fox scarf and i haven’t stopped thinking about it (vanity prints!)
  3. Harry Seissman’s apartment came out of my dreams and into Manhattan, Design Hunting
  4. no bedroom, especially that of a child, is complete without an animal head. a stuffed animal head, that is
  5. chocolate chocolate everywhere, and i’m going to eat it all!
  6. dear friend LG introduced me to Kinfolk Mag and now i’m hooked. subscription pour moi please!
  7. yes also to this tiny bow bracelet!
  8. if you’re wondering where cheap ass boutiques order their terrible quality goods, it’s sites like this. and you can shop there too!
  9. The Man Repeller got this swank blanket, and then she wore it as a scarf. fashion is full of surprises
  10. the NYTimes announced their 10 best books. i only want to read two or so
  11. there’s a lot of iPhone gloves out there. here’s some in leather
  12. not all holiday gifts have to be expensive. in fact, you can make some treats to share with friends
  13. but of course, everything that’s on GOOP’s list will do nicely too

(photo via Carr Gifs, which is brilliant and you should go follow them now!)