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articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 54

hello kiddies, hope everyone had a phenomenal Labor Day! i relaxed so much, i actually hurt my back. let’s consider it a recharging of the batteries before a week chock full of getting my life together. that’s necessary sometimes, don’t you think? since the swinging of the pendulum does go both ways, you have to go to one extreme in order to get it started. this time, i chose the end that left me sitting on mine for four days straight. 

since we’re all headed back work today (in one way or another), i hope you’ll recharge your batteries with some brain candy. enjoy this week’s reads!


  1. what do successful people do in the first hour of work? NOT read their e-mail, dummy, Fast Company
  2. Forbes list of 100 most powerful women includes 14 from media, MediaBistro. i’ll get ‘em next year
  3. you guys, clubbing is gross. let these pictures be a cautionary tale, BuzzFeed
  4. while the RNC is in my hometown this week, there are a lot of monkeys running around. funny that the NYTimes decided to profile just one
  5. and it wouldn’t be a Tampa mention without a strip club post. so here you go
  6. i wrote about the racism troubles at the RNC for Muck Rack
  7. local lady images a day when she won’t be objectified. a gal can dream…, The Onion
  8. that might be why pretty female comedians pretend they’re ugly. The Atlantic explores. i have a hunch it’s also very much to do with male insecurity
  9. The Onion, again, makes fun of college newspapers and endorsing Obama. have we read this before?
  10. "Despite his name, Shia LaBeouf has never been shy." Bullett has an explanation on this ridiculous sentence
  11. poor Lilo was banned from the Chateau Marmont. will she return to that weird house with all the giant pictures of her?
  12. there’s a little boy in germany who likes to wear dresses. to make him feel normal, his father has also started wearing skirts. consider your heart warmed, Gawker
  13. if you’re enjoying the last days of summer and are inspired to write a short story about it, submit it here!
  14. i agree 100% with BuzzFeed on this one: if you aren’t following Steve Martin on every social medium know to man, you are missing out
  15. since our civilization seems determined to go to crap, let’s learn a little about Mesopotamia
  16. regret nothing is always a sound motto. some old folks help us stick to it
  17. imagine if Samsung paid Apple their $3 billion in nickels…
  18. Louis C.K. and the whole “slow comedy” thing, as explained by @mattshafeek in Split Sider
  19. a history of New York in 50 objects, NYTimes
  20. a history of Mitt Romney in 30 objects, Mother Jones
  1. some dancy dance music for your weekend fun
  2. occasionally i go insane and forget how fantastic All Songs Considered is. luckily, it’s always there when i find my way again
  3. these baby twins dancing to guitar music is adorable! in 17 years, they’ll be dating John Mayer
  4. here’s Erroll Garner playing Misty for you. creepy Eastwood movie not required
  5. this super regular dude points out the power of a posse. and why everyone in Times Square is a fucking moron, BuzzFeed
  6. covering the RNC got me all angry. here’s some Billie Holiday to calm us down


  1. i don’t need any more Baggu bags (unless it’s the leather one because i’m dying for one!) but here’s how the company got started, Fast Company
  2. a suit, and preferably also the man who goes with it, Guys in Suits
  3. the “do as you pleats” dress from ModCloth is just adorable. considering i usually do (as i pleats, that is), it’s quite perfect, NYMag
  4. this is a gift for you: if you’re a journalist on Twitter, get yourself a fancy new Muck Rack profile page. here’s where MediaBistro talks about how great they are
  5. the Lady Prada has made all of the costumes for the new Gatsby film. we may have to wait until summer to see them, but i trust one of you can steal me a dress or two, StyleCaster
  6. in case there isn’t enough crap you can’t afford clogging up your boards, here are 50 fashion editors you can follow on Pinterest, Racked
  7. another gift for you: LIC dwellers, take a picture of the Jetblue sign and tweet it to them for a chance to win 2 free tickets (thanks for loyal reader Matthew Knell for sending)
  8. this lady’s Feng Shuied house is pretty nice. i’d even share it, Design Hunting
  9. i am so happy for Jamie Beck and her new hubbi and their new design studio and their fabulous friends and their dream life and… (excuse me, i just threw up some jealousy)
  10. for the fashion minded, Zac Posen has a Tumblr and it’s really pretty good
  11. Kate Bosworth started an online jewelry company and it has some pretty cute stuff, JewelMint

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articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 52

sometimes people tell you they’re busy because they want to go home, sit on the couch and watch bad television. other times, people tell you they’re busy because they have 19 deadlines looming, 12 unanswered phone calls and a rotting avocado that needs to be put out of its misery. i was rarely the former, i am most definitely the latter.

the thing about the insanely overbooked is that we still want to find time. an hour here or there to just be feels like gold. and for the people and things that matter, we will find that time. it usualy involves taking away from sleep, but it’s definitely worth it. like writing this for you every week. could i save the time? sure thing! but i love doing and i love knowing that it makes you all happy. so thank you for reading. 

have i guilted you into reading it yet? here’s the full reads:


  1. in case you need a frame-by-frame, here is the Spice Girls performance at the Olumpics closing ceremonies in photos
  2. my Sammie sauce wrote a really big story for the WSJ. it ran on B1 Monday. you can read it here.
  3. seriously though, you bastards with your two screens can just sod off, Onion
  4. when you have famous friends, they take some photos of you. the important lesson? Bill Cosby once looked liked everyone walking around Brooklyn today, Flavorwire
  5. Brooklyn Mag helps us make some Smorgasburg decisions. and makes those lines even longer
  6. Obama’s campaign is not messing around, officially declares Paul Ryan “the actual worst.” whoa
  7. Long Island combines heroin and prostitution rings, for maximum efficiency and classiness, CBS New York
  8. this is a fun one - Daily Beast casts the Olympics
  9. flirty women get better deals, according to a new How About We post. yeah, but sluts get everything for free
  10. here’s where you can sign up for a free beer pong party, courtesy of Tiger Beer (thanks to my dear friend ralph for bringing this to my attention)
  11. y’all!!! they’re shrinking our beers! i, for one, will not stand for this forced sobriety, Grub Street
  12. today, it’s all about slow PR. so everybody pump the breaks on those rolls, Fortune
  13. what does an SNL writer eat? i’m imagining lots of pizza, tacos and falafels, Grub Street
  14. need to get out of your date? Michael Musto has the answer to being just terrible
  15. this underbrag is the worst. it’s going to sit on the couch and eat a 5th meal of halal and yesterday’s bagel, Atlantic Wire
  16. some women’s magazine headlines of yore, BuzzFeed. let’s read them and feel modern
  17. Paul Ryan is out to criticize. maybe even Romney? The Onion posits
  18. New York state is being overtaken by dairy. it’s like they know my dreams, Grub Street
  19. Thought Catalog ran a piece called “Screw New York.” i have similar sentiments for Thought Catalog
  20. The Atlantic thinks it’s the Android and not the iPhone that deserves our praise. my iPhone thinks different
  21. learning to eat like Julia Child, New Yorker. really don’t think i have that problem.
  22. need advice? just Ask Eng. get it?
  23. some tools for freelancers. “send me my flipping money!” auto e-mailer not included, Best Vendor. (yes, i stole Bryan’s joke)
  24. need to lose your virginity? BuzzFeed is here to help
  25. save Tesla’s lab! help The Oatmeal buy it and make it into a museum. seriously, you guys


  1. Vanity Fair interviewed Janelle Monae and invites us listen to hear her album - the one that came out two years ago. i’m sorry but, huh?
  2. TSwift has a new song and no, you are never getting back together. so stop asking
  3. these Montana tweens predicted the future of the internet back in ‘95. notice there was already a cat girl, The Atlantic
  4. all i want in life is 10 bulldog puppies chasing me
  5. Jessie Ware’s latest album is soulful and nice. hear “Devotion” via Gorilla vs. Bear


  1. whatever Ivy Blue gets, i get. this starts at the Watch the Throne concert tee and ends with Kanye being my godfather (is that a thing?), Too Fab
  2. i don’t really want a Silkie because scare the living crap out of me. but i would love to look at one and maybe pet it because look how insane they are. whaaa???
  3. one of the 10 best burgers in NYC. preferably THE best, Village Voice
  4. absolutely all of the shoes in NYMag’s fall shoe guide. i’ll know if one is missing
  5. how about those 10 bulldog puppies? i’ll know if one is missing
  6. pretty much everything these 25 most stylish people in LA are wearing, StyleCaster
  7. dinner at one of the 10 best date spots in brooklyn, Brooklyn Magazine
  8. a 3D pasta printer like Google has, duh!
  9. definitely NOT this bookshelf box! because i’m literate. and i doubt Lauren Conrad is, BuzzFeed via Cates
  10. this shirt The Glamourai is wearing is a pretty color
  11. all of the books that Flavorpill is excited about for fall. including Zadie Smith and Jami Attenberg
  12. definitely NOT an after work drink, cause that shiz is lame, The Onion
  13. this coat rack is way cool. i do accept gifts for writing this crap, you know

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Santorum loses again!

this is not real. this looks like a still from a Lifetime movie, from the ’80s, set in the ’50s. this cannot be real

articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 30

whaaa?!?! we’re 30. well, the roundup is. and i’m so proud of it for turning 30 without an age crisis, botox shot or undergraduate booty call. enjoy the presidential day readings.


  1. ladies, good news! we don’t have to pretend we’re dumb housewives anymore, says very smart lady Jen Doll in Atlantic Wire
  2. what should your hair look like this spring? Daily Candy has some hints
  3. requisite write-up in The Atlantic about millenials, their plight, the recession
  4. "wait…did Caligula eat a woolly mammoth?" you can’t not click on this
  5. better than “happy birthday!” ideas, Slackstory
  6. once upon a time, Zach Galifianakis wrote a story about first loves for VICE. as i said last week, they are to be trusted on relationship advices
  7. a very apt response from The Rumpus to the ladies who want Chris Brown to beat them
  8. something about Annie Hall in time for Valentine’s Day, Splitsider
  9. are you stupid? or perhaps bored? definitely full of yourself? do you have too much time on your hands? the answer to all of these questions can be found in the L Magazine’s cover story this week
  10. inspired by the L Mag’s DIY, let’s make this shallot recipe together. Boro
  11. chris brown: worst or worst? uproxx
  12. writing in the style of Lord Grantham. McSweeney’s was bound to have this happen
  13. art that’s popular on tumblr makes its way into the nytimes
  14. given this week’s birth control discussions in congress, here’s an explanation on why men are scared of lady parts, alternet


  1. everyone sang and danced to honor Whitney this week (may she rest). our favorite tribute is the one from GIRLS
  2. proving that SNL’s "crying to Adele" skit was exceedingly brilliant is Rocco the sad bulldog. guess science wins again
  3. this latest episode of Bill Moyers proves the above Atlantic piece - Gen Y really is fucked
  4. whitney’s best performance ever? greatest rendition of the national anthem ever? you can decide for yourself but there is only one right answer
  5. Tennis’s first album made winter 2011 so much better for me. i even wrote about it for Currently Listening. for  2012, the darling band is back to make sure my winter is just as great


  1. "Ten Walks/Two Talks" by John Cotner seems an interesting enough read
  2. what’s that? "Disappointing Gay Best Friend" live? on stage? in front of me? i’m there! hell, i’ll buy this ticket myself
  3. a super cool alarm clock for the gal who can never wake up in the morning. seems fitting
  4. this book too, please: "Londoners: 

    The Days and Nights of London Now—As Told by Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It, Left It, and Long for It”

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“OMG that is so amazing. You get to beat up people for free!!!”

This is one of the most brilliant works of radio journalism I have ever heard.

Top two, three in my 30 years of public radio fandomage.

Poetry disguised as a feature on a woman boxer from Baltimore named Tyrieshia Douglas.

Seriously: It’s like a movie in audio form.

I’m realistic. I know how click and flow work on the Net. I get time. And so I realize that only a handful of you will hit LISTEN and actually listen for eight minutes and seventeen seconds of your life.

But oh, man: if you do…

Phenomenal work. Listen through to the end; this woman’s story is truly amazing. 

i literally walked out of the apt this morning as this was starting. thanks to the magic of the internet, i get to hear it now. thanks internet!

thoughts on Courtney Stodden with Babycakes Christ

me:  that’s filthy! i don’t think i’m supposed to be looking at those at work

BC: i feel like every time i click on a courtney stodden link i’m upping my chances of getting arrested for child porn.

me: she’s really the worst. i think she should forced to do an hour of community service for every tweet she sends or picture she poses for. but not the kind of community service where you talk to people - the kind where you pick up trash on the road. maybe she’ll find her dignity there

BC: AHAHAHAHA doubtful

(photo via Mail Online)

articles i wanted (but didn’t get a chance) to read this week, part 22

last week’s roundup was a short one since we were heading away to eat too much, drink too much and nap on couches around the country. in fact, i was so looking forward to the couch napping that i left the office before posting this wednesday afternoon (rumors of trader joe’s having a line down the block also propelled me out the door). apologies for depriving you of these articles, songs and videos to enjoy en route to your couch destination.

i hope you all had a super Thanksgiving! now that you’re back at work and longing for couch time, here are some things to distract you


  1. a lot has been said about Mitt Romney. personally, i can’t imagine this man leading our country. he could probably lead an intramural badmitton team. but not the U.S. and i’m not even that patriotic. adding to the list of things we say about Mitt, Mother Jones takes his awkward, verbally stunted observations and re-imagines them as works of poetry. do you think it works? does it make you want to vote for this anamatron?
  2. in an attempt to be more in touch with the people, Saks Fifth Avenue launched a blog. it’s really more like a web magazine, full with articles by fashion writers and makeovers of ballerinas. or something. for their debut,  here’s an article with scary man o’ fashion and international perfectionist Tom Ford about his new makeup line
  3. "Top Chef" contender Sam Talbot tells Esquire how to cook a fabulous meal in a less than fabulous kitchen. since tiny kitchens seem even more so during the holiday season
  4. a lovely lady wrote about her trials with the big C for, who else?, the Hairpin. so i looked her up and she’s Rebecca Pederson, a writer for Yelp. her blog is particularly funny - and not just because she appears to love Karen Walker as much as i do
  5. a former editor of mine, now the Observer’s Foster Kamer, wrote about the silent sadness of startups. alas, that’s not the hed he chose but i like a solid alliteration
  6. this one i read, because how could i not? lovely lovely Jen Doll wrote a fabulous piece in the Village Voice. it’s the sort of thing that makes the expensive rent, infrequent subways and general fear of being peed on seem more than worth it. now that you’re back from wherever your home couch is, here’s “How to Be a New Yorker”


  1. i spent a good long time this past weekend watching the first season of “Happy Endings” - a show i love because it’s adorable and of-the-moment without being overtly cutesy and loaded with saccharine (ahem “New Girl” ahem). here’s where you too can stream it online
  2. there’s a web series called “Very Mary Kate” all about the trials of a spoofed MKO. the third season premiered. i hope it’s better than those Rachel Zoe parodies that are out there


  1. it’s time for a new haircut. my darling stylist moved to Robert G Salon. care to get me a gift card there? side note: if you’re looking for a more than decent stylist in nyc and have haircut anxiety like i do, i highly recommend Dolores. she’s just fantastic!
  2. gorgeous lady blogger behind From Me To You promoted wore this DKNY purse. and now i’m in love with it. see Jamie in this look here


PHOTO OF THE DAY: President Obama visits a classroom at Yeadon Regional Head Start Center in Yeadon, Pa., on Tuesday. (PHOTO: Charles Dharapak/AP)

to be fair, i once volunteered at a summer program doing exactly this activity and it’s impossible to build a lego castle with a small child without making this face. additionally, how lovely is Barack!

articles i wanted (but didn’t get a chance) to read this week, part 19

since my dear friend LC is still in town, now with fiance, we’re doing things like carbo-loading, finding the pedestrian pathway of the Queensboro, running over it to the runner’s expo at Javits, getting our nourishment in gel packet form and trying not to poop our pants post marathon. well, those are all things Pat will be doing. i’m spending the weekend thrifting, checking out the new Joe Fresh stores, cheering on the joggers when they go past my apartment and, yes, still carbo-loading. leaving that running nonsense up to the professionals though.

here are this week’s lovely reads (and listens) (and buys) to keep you company while you track your friends’ mileage online. happy marathon!


  1. let’s all agree to at least try to stop sleeping with our phones. cause that’s wicked bad for you, yo
  2. the NYTimes Modern Love essay about getting over the need for a great “how we met story.” because lasting love is significantly better than a meetcute
  3. another NYTimes essay about not relying on luck. actually, not thinking about it at all
  4. the NYMag feature on rats and their invasion of NYC. since my friend Laura is in town in this week (she’s visiting from Breaking Bad’s hometown), we’ve been keeping a running tally of subway rats. it’s 15 right now
  5. the NYMag feature on modern feminism. also, i love Emily Nussbaum - what a smart writer!
  6. the NYMag cover feature on Ms. magazine. definitely not letting this one fall to the bottom of the “to read for later pile.” i’m putting it top of my reading queue
  7. first, read Nathan Heller’s review in the New Yorker on two new books that just came out about famous film critic Pauline Kael
  8. second, read about Kael’s lifelong feud with Joan Didion in The Awl - a literary catfight, if you will 
  9. i had no idea homegirl Julie Klausner was recapping “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” for Vulture. but she is!
  10. "Bored to Death" creator Jonathan Ames told The Atlantic what he reads. it’s pretty sad. but totally like him
  11. Tom Ford sold $52,000 worth of makeup at Begdorf this week. guess it helped that he was on hand to judge everyone with that steely stare. it’d make me buy $30 nail polish too
  12. Daily Candy was kind enough to line up all the best coffee places in NYC for us. there are some i still haven’t been to. probably because i keep going to Ground Support for that amazing chai latte
  13. i’ve only read the headline, but NPR’s take on millennials being underwhelmed with Obama seems about right


  1. did we all see those giant pumpkins Google carved for Halloween? i mean, i carved a pumpkin too, but it was nowhere near forklift heavy
  2. the video petition for Save Food Trucks NYC
  3. Vanity Fair did an excellent series about the best dressed women in the world. start with Wallis Simpson and work your way through them all
  4. i don’t think this Little Jackie is extra fantastic but i do find the music on her latest album “Made 4 TV” pretty stinking entertaining. it’s like the aural equivalent of pop rocks
  5. this video from GOOD about sending your junk mail back to the banks. i’m intrigued, because, honestly, i’m tired of bringing those credit card offers in to the work shredder


  1. this gorgeous bedside table. i found it in my dashboard, did a little research and found out it was sold at pottery barn in 2006. of course it’s perfect (read: full of shelving) and i want it in my life immediately. if you own one, ship it to me please?
  2. since that one is no longer for sale,  how about this little side table from Urban?
  3. this super gorgeous peacoat from J.Crew. in the fiesta purple please!

articles i wanted (but didn’t get a chance to) read this week, part 18

as i write this, i’m already in the woods of eastern Pennsylvania for a weekend of catching up, laughter and general silliness with my best high school gal pals. i’ll even attempt some outdoor jogging later (lord help the deer). enjoy this week’s roundup. there’s some lovely things in here:


  1. journalism wunderkind Foster Kamer talks to Nieman Lab about covering protests
  2. the New Yorker asks if small business can make America prosperous. as a retail writer, this is one i’ll have to come back to and actually read
  3. why TV networks shouldn’t worry about Netflix or Hulu, nymag
  4. after writing her cover article last week (one i still haven’t finished), Intel Noreen went on the telly to talk about it. looks like that kid, at least, is more than “sort of all right”
  5. Capital NY does another “Takeout Story.” it’s very interesting and (two paragraphs in) so sad that i’ll think twice before ordering my shrimp with snow peas from Cheng’s
  6. Vulture’s recap of Sunday’s “Boardwalk Empire.” it’s fitting i haven’t read this yet, cause i also haven’t seen the episode yet
  7. WSJ takes on “The Future of Punctuation.” as someone who’s decided that final periods are useless (in personal writing, of course), i’m also interested to see how grammar is evolving
  8. in LIC foodie news: M.Wells is officially opening at PS1! and on a boat. i’m fuzzy on the details but you can read about on GrubStreet. and if you need to remember the tastiness of this fantastic little restaurant, here are photos from a pop-up they did in Montreal recently
  9. a new site brought to my attention by FishbowlNY, OpenNotebook lets you read successful story pitches and see how they turned out. super interesting and helpful stuff for writers everywhere
  10. "Breaking  Bad" darling Jesse Pinkman joined Twitter! thanks to Vulture for bringing Aaron Paul’s account to my attention, and asking the exact question i was asking: when do the “bitch” monikers start?
  11. a story in the NYTimes magazine about cartoonist Lynda Barry and her apparently life-changing writing workshops. it’s a long read but it sure seems like a worthwhile one. and it came recommended by @maura  (a lady who herself is a tremendously good writer)
  12. something about a lady, her journalist husband, being at the oscars and not being able to have a baby. you know, typical Marie Claire first-person


  1. the first video off the new Black Keys album! if “Lonely Boy” is any indication, we’re in for a fantastic good time when “El Camino” comes out. i only hope there’s more of this lovely man dancing
  2. the latest album from Gringo Star is previewing on Spinner until Sunday night. Check out “Count Yr Lucky Stars” for a pretty straightforward, and well done, take on fuzzy surf rock
  3. and because it’s our lucky week in lady rock, the new Florence + the Machine is previewing on Pretty Much Amazing. i do really love Florence and this latest work is more of what we’ve come to expect from the very talented (wait for it…) chanteuse. i especially love penultimate track "All This and Heaven Too." especially great for running - like i’ll be doing this weekend in Pennsylvania
  4. NYMag has found that everyone on tv this season just talks about penises and vaginas. it’s 44 seconds of juvenile, hilarious fun


  1. since returning to The Talent Show wednesday night, i’ve become interested in the comedians who make regular appearances there. that’s how i came across Eugene Mirman’s book “The Will to Whatevs.” i’m very interested to read it. so please buy me
  2. dinner at new LES restaurant Little Muenster. 1 - because the name is adorable 2 - because the space looks beautiful and 3 - because the sandwiches look deeelicious

a super interesting take on where J.Crew’s rustic, old-timey inspiration originated

Where J.Crew Shops for Ideas

By Roger Bennett

The shop is the latest extension to the Freemans fashion mini-empire, which offers American heritage style with a twist. Even if you are not among its dapper, in-the-know clientele, which includes such style icons as David Beckham, you may have a good sense of what it’s like to shop there—if you’ve ever been to J.Crew (JCG). Indeed, unmistakable elements of Freemans’s aesthetic, as well as that of other boutique brands, have cropped up in J.Crew outlets across the country—nowhere more prominently than at the menswear giant’s New York concept space, Liquor Store. According to Taavo Somer, Freemans’s intense, thickly maned founder, this is no accident…

Somer, who has yet to set foot in the J.Crew doppelganger, remains philosophical. “If you trade in the undiscovered and uncharted,” he explains, “you know it is going to become copied and overrun.”

(full article via  Businessweek)

penguins in sweaters. my night is complete

(via Grist)


We Got Arrested At Occupy Wall Street

Bryan, Marc, and Ryan went to Zucchini Square or whatever it’s called, to interview some people who sleep on tarps and smoke pot and learn about the important issues of the day, like whether or not Beyonce’s baby bump is real. SPOILER ALERT: Ryan and Bryan both got arrested and detained for 7 hours and charged with disorderly conduct.

Seriously though, most people involved with the Occupy Wall Street thing are God damn idiots and need to really sit down, take off the bandanas, and get their priorities straight. That being said, everyone in the above video was a good sport. Except for Lenny Kravitz. That dude was kind of a dick. Same with the Corgi, talk about an attitude.


sometimes your friends do super things. this is one of those times. also, ryry’s hair looks fantastic!

"I don’t know what they’re talking about me, but I think they’re saying I’m very fancy."

(via Kid Dresses to Impress on First Day of School - Runnin’ Scared)