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Saturday May 5th, 6-9p:

26th Street pARTy

W26th Street, NYC (between 10th & 11th avenues) FREE

Entire Chelsea block will be closed to traffic, with live music & food trucks.

25+ participating galleries and project spaces will stay open late:
ArtBridge, George Adams Gallery, Cedar Lake, James Cohan Gallery, Ana Cristea Gallery, Thomas Erben, Gallery Barry Friedman, Field Projects, First Street Gallery, Friedman Bend, Mitchell-Innes and Nash, Mixed Greens, Onishi Gallery, Pace Prints, Rush Arts Gallery, Mary Ryan Gallery, Schroeder Romero & Shredder, The Walther Collection, Ippodo Gallery, Loretta Howard Gallery, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, David Krut Projects, Lehmann Maupin Gallery, Galerie Lelong, Magnan Metz Gallery, Lio Malca, Andrea Meislin Gallery, Robert Miller Gallery

FRIENDS! let’s go to this!

articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 37

this week has been full of new adventure, one of which includes this awesome drawing tool i found (give yourself at least an hour to enjoy it fully). this weekend will bring on more adventures, including my first Seder. i’ll report back. until then, enjoy these reads that i’ve lovingly put together all week long. seriously, you get five days worth of attention this time. there’s even a bonus photo:


  1. expect to pay a little more for your downward dog - yoga studios in NYC might not be exempt from taxes anymore, WSJ
  2. should have seen this from a mile away (or 2.5) but the creator of tv’s most popular sitcom is pretty horribly misogynistic. more reasons to stop watching that heinous show, Jezebel
  3. the spelling test is going the way of the encyclopaedia too, Daily Tarheel (and we all remember what happened to the encyclopaedia, right?)
  4. people who work with people are the happiest people in the workforce, MediaBistro
  5. the most beautiful lady in all the Queen’s land speaks out on her plight, Daily Mail
  6. proving “those damn feminazis” really are against everything, Jezebel is now complaining about curing breast cancer
  7. Ryan Gosling saved another woman on the streets of new york this week. i’m jumping out the window after this to try my luck, Observer
  8. lovely lovely Ron Swanson Nick Offerman profiled in the LA Times
  9. speaking of lovely men, do you think you’ll ever get tired of RyGoz? Jezebel ponders
  10. paying for news placement in the orient, NYTimes. are we still allowed to call it “the orient”? were we ever? 
  11. director of many great movies goes back to school, poses with chair for Black Book…
  12. …but not before making one more movie about the travails of post-grads, CapitalNY
  13. a lady went to a concert alone, and lived to tell the tale, Date by Numbers
  14. just how did Ed2010 founder get her start? HerCampus
  15. today’s food businesses start big and grow bigger, Grub Street
  16. this lady chef left her job without saying goodbye. she said about 5,000 other words though, eggbeater
  17. a detailed account of what it’s like to meet President Obama, Business Insider
  18. Kelly Osborne has words to share on body image, Glamour
  19. Jen Doll puts together a list of some kick-ass young ladies, The Atlantic Wire
  20. the town that has seen one of the worst natural disasters ever in the history of our country is irritated at the term “hipster” - it’s getting bad, folks
  21. spring is here, Hairpin writers are in bloom


  1. this little boy did a really amazing skateboard thing for the first time ever in the whole world, LA Times
  2. this Japandroids song that Cubicle Radio partner Sammie Rubes sent me (are you following Cubicle Radio yet?), Pitchfork
  3. since New York, London and Paris are old news (like Mia Farrow), Woody Allen’s latest film is taking over Rome, Washington Post
  4. another trailer: there’s a movie coming out with Mark Wahlberg and a talking Ted-dy bear
  5. Maya Rudolph on her time as a waitress at Coffeeshop, Grub Street
  6. i love Mad Men and all but do writers really smell like pee? Stuff Journalists Like


  1. new shoes for spring please. ideas to get you started, Refinery 29
  2. The Glamourai keeps wearing this Alexa Leigh necklace. i’d rather like one too
  3. everything Joan has ever worn, as chronicled in this Vanity Fair slideshow
  4. still want this foldable bike, guys. still waiting on it. still
  5. ANYTHING ANYTHING FROM THIS ALL-SEQUIN WEBSITE - especially if it’s been featured on “Drag Race”
  6. a baby tiger duh. just to play with for an hour or so. i think it’d be a good cuddler, Ryanhatesthis
  7. after seeing his picture on Humans on New York (above), i really want a juice from Melvin’s Juice Box now, Village Voice
  8. an oxford shirt, please. especially the one here, Refinery 29
  9. and everything i need in this office essentials box. most especially the box, R29
  10. this necklace please. because it’s big and obnoxious and in my favorite color, Styleist
  11. finally, dinner at Mono+Mono. because who doesn’t love fried chicken?

(photo 1 via and photo 2 via)

articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 32

i gave in and finally joined Pinterest this week. similar to having breasts, having many web files for my many likes now seems like something i must do to consider myself a fully actualized lady. lucky for you, you can follow my path to womanhood here. i promise to keep it girly. in the meantime, here are some things you can read amidst the pinning. because you can’t yet have a conversation with a pinboard


  1. Meryl won! well, of course she did. here’s why she will always win, CapitalNY
  2. need a little inspiration? motivation? perspiration? Hairpin’s got the first two. you can get to work on the third
  3. an article on Leap Day that is quite hilarious. as recommended by the Gloss, be sure you read the last paragraph
  4. now that they’re on that whole redesign kick, Glamour has really nice outfit inspirations this month
  5. how to bring social and environmental responsibility to any job, Fast Company
  6. i’m very nearly done with Gabrielle Hamilton’s memoir (it’s amazing, do read it!). here she is writing about her mother-in-law for Bon Appetit, complete with recipes
  7. there’s a social network for Juggalos! and it’s just as terrible as you’d expect. naturally, VICE is all over it
  8. because reading to children makes us all think of sex stars. i mean symbols! stars!, ProPublica
  9. some people want to make yoga an olympic sport. these people have never done yoga, right? WSJ
  10. it’s always nice when writers leave their desks for a change and do some good, Runnin Scared
  11. sometimes, when writers leave their desks, they get stuck in elevators. i give you: a man, an elevator, a twitter account, his friend, a newspaper, the internet. it’s like a modern-day tragicom on the state of “JOURNAMALISM!” Observer
  12. and the NYTimes found out that Twitter is important for old people too


  1. in podcast “The BS Report” on something else called ESPN that apparently men enjoy (is it like their Pinterest?), President Obama agreed with me, and gave Omar the presidential seal of approval, Gawker
  2. media companies are still figuring out how to spread their news in omnichannel form (maybe sorta someday?). for the time being, they’ve resorted to explaining what they plan to do with children’s fairytales, Party Like a Journalist
  3. thanks to the internet, we never have to miss anything. not decades past, not our friends, and not shows that are on hiatus while filming a new season. for those of you who thought you might miss Downton Abbey, here is a rap song about it - to remember the good times, Vulture
  4. i can’t stop laughing at the track "Cats" from You Say France & I Whistle’s new album "Angry Men." also a dedication to my dear friend Ryan 


  1. a ticket to see Tennis with brilliant opening act Hospitality on Monday. and maybe a second to come with me?
  2. every one of these comfort food dishes from Fork in the Road’s suggestions, because it’s looking like it’ll be cold this weekend

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articles i wanted, but didn’t get a chance, to read this week: part 30

whaaa?!?! we’re 30. well, the roundup is. and i’m so proud of it for turning 30 without an age crisis, botox shot or undergraduate booty call. enjoy the presidential day readings.


  1. ladies, good news! we don’t have to pretend we’re dumb housewives anymore, says very smart lady Jen Doll in Atlantic Wire
  2. what should your hair look like this spring? Daily Candy has some hints
  3. requisite write-up in The Atlantic about millenials, their plight, the recession
  4. "wait…did Caligula eat a woolly mammoth?" you can’t not click on this
  5. better than “happy birthday!” ideas, Slackstory
  6. once upon a time, Zach Galifianakis wrote a story about first loves for VICE. as i said last week, they are to be trusted on relationship advices
  7. a very apt response from The Rumpus to the ladies who want Chris Brown to beat them
  8. something about Annie Hall in time for Valentine’s Day, Splitsider
  9. are you stupid? or perhaps bored? definitely full of yourself? do you have too much time on your hands? the answer to all of these questions can be found in the L Magazine’s cover story this week
  10. inspired by the L Mag’s DIY, let’s make this shallot recipe together. Boro
  11. chris brown: worst or worst? uproxx
  12. writing in the style of Lord Grantham. McSweeney’s was bound to have this happen
  13. art that’s popular on tumblr makes its way into the nytimes
  14. given this week’s birth control discussions in congress, here’s an explanation on why men are scared of lady parts, alternet


  1. everyone sang and danced to honor Whitney this week (may she rest). our favorite tribute is the one from GIRLS
  2. proving that SNL’s "crying to Adele" skit was exceedingly brilliant is Rocco the sad bulldog. guess science wins again
  3. this latest episode of Bill Moyers proves the above Atlantic piece - Gen Y really is fucked
  4. whitney’s best performance ever? greatest rendition of the national anthem ever? you can decide for yourself but there is only one right answer
  5. Tennis’s first album made winter 2011 so much better for me. i even wrote about it for Currently Listening. for  2012, the darling band is back to make sure my winter is just as great


  1. "Ten Walks/Two Talks" by John Cotner seems an interesting enough read
  2. what’s that? "Disappointing Gay Best Friend" live? on stage? in front of me? i’m there! hell, i’ll buy this ticket myself
  3. a super cool alarm clock for the gal who can never wake up in the morning. seems fitting
  4. this book too, please: "Londoners: 

    The Days and Nights of London Now—As Told by Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It, Left It, and Long for It”

(photo via)

there are a much much better example of Downton valentine’s

(via likegrecianart)

(Source: relevantinfofortheendoftheworld)


A play-by-play of Harvard grad Jeremy Lin and Stanford grad Landry Fields’ new handshake:

  1. Two quick high fives on opposite hands.
  2. Landry Fields presents his hands to Jeremy Lin as though they are a book.
  3. Lin “pages” through the book.
  4. Fields closes the book.
  5. Both Lin and Fields put their hands to their eyes as though they are glasses.
  6. Both players “remove” their glasses and put them into an invisible shirt pocket.

this is adorable. i want to start doing this. who wants to practice with me?



“OMG that is so amazing. You get to beat up people for free!!!”

This is one of the most brilliant works of radio journalism I have ever heard.

Top two, three in my 30 years of public radio fandomage.

Poetry disguised as a feature on a woman boxer from Baltimore named Tyrieshia Douglas.

Seriously: It’s like a movie in audio form.

I’m realistic. I know how click and flow work on the Net. I get time. And so I realize that only a handful of you will hit LISTEN and actually listen for eight minutes and seventeen seconds of your life.

But oh, man: if you do…

Phenomenal work. Listen through to the end; this woman’s story is truly amazing. 

i literally walked out of the apt this morning as this was starting. thanks to the magic of the internet, i get to hear it now. thanks internet!

oh no, they’ve fired pazzz! 

what the heck is going on with that show? if not for sexy sexy michael pitt and crazy crazy pazzz, what’s keeping me from going back? (habit, probably, coupled with an incessant need for intense drama)

(via Paz De La Huerta Axed From Boardwalk Empire |


It’s MERYL STREEP Day at Fresh Air.



happy weekend, friends! here’s some articles you can read. or, if you prefer, some pithy descriptions of articles i didn’t read yet wrote about anyway. ignorant self-involved opinions - it’s almost like i’m a real writer on the internet, eh? enjoy!


  1. Lana Del Rey in the New Yorker
  2. then LDR again in the Observer, something about Pitchfork
  3. then LDR in Esquire, with Florence of the Machine - apparently this one you want to read
  4. and then a critique of the Esquire writeup in the Toronto Sun (are you exhausted yet?)
  5. Barnes and Nobles is saving the printed book, nytimes
  6. since reading “Blood, Bones and Butter,” this bit about author/chef Gabrielle Hamilton intrigued me, the pitch
  7. a hipster grows in Bay Ridge? (i’m just as confused as you), L Mag
  8. super PACs have hit sad times. the photo here is cool, Atlantic
  9. if you’ve ever wondered how to make Google work for you (for good, evil or stalking your ex), The Hairpin has the comprehensive guide
  10. poor  tUnE-yArDs - it’s so hard being adored, says a man with the same type of critical adoration, Grantland
  11. need to take your Brooklyn beau on a date? the L Mag has 13 scenarios that all end in you getting laid
  12. why brainstorming is crap, and how to save the time-wasting practice, Fast Company
  13. on choosing to be a lesbian, Thought Catalog
  14. on dressing like Kate Middleton and where to buy her coats, The Cut
  15. y’all, Ja Rule’s been in jail for two years. but it’s ok, he made lots of new friends, with old white dudes. i see Steve Murray playing one of them in the film version. Kevin Hard in the lead, Daily News
  16. someone asked Fran Lebowitz’s writer’s block to take a hike. for once, i agree with Thought Catalog
  17. Amy Poehler wrote a very amazing letter on behalf of Planed Parenthood. girl power, indeed!
  18. a great marketing use for Instagram, Mashable
  19. lady mags are doing it for themselves (it being redesign), nytimes
  20. why your selfish choice to go to a private college is killing your parents’ retirement dreams, and other guilt trips via Bloomberg Business Week
  21. even if i hate the idea of “Girls,” i still love television made by lady writers. This Recording’s piece on “Up All Night” explains exactly why Maya Rudolph rocks 
  22. comediennes, have you figured out how to be prettier yet? BuzzFeed


  1. Kanye’s documentary about the middle east, when it comes out, NYObserver
  2. if seeing HBO’s “First Look” on Lena Dunham’s new show “Girls” doesn’t make you feel adequately enraged, i want to hear about it
  3. there’s a (new?) “Hunger Games” trailer
  4. Kate Bolick on Agenda with Steve Pailik - this one’s just for my research. but feel free to enjoy it too
  5. that new Madonna video for us to poo poo on, Vulture
  6. a 30-second recap of that new “hipster-douchey” MTV show, Gawker
  7. this video of a poor girl getting beat up takes place at the mall near my high school we all visited once a year, for the volunteer hours 


  1. everything in Jonathan Saunders’ latest collection - the prints! the colors! the silhouettes! it’s all so lovely, Stylecaster
  2. these pants Solange was wearing. she might be the less famous Knowles, but she has more fun with fashion than older sister Beyonce, Vogue

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In Match-Up Of Beer And Cheese, Everybody Wins — With A Good Coach

With the Super Bowl looming, three questions are buzzing around America: Who are you pulling for; who’s singing at halftime; and where are you watching the game? And if you’re hosting a party, you’re also asking yourself: What am I going to feed these people?

So it’s a good time to highlight a basic lesson of hosting: Nothing classes up a party — even one that’s focused on watching football on TV — like good cheese.

And as I learned recently, nothing tastes better with cheese than beer. That’s the word from Garrett Oliver, author of The Brewmaster’s Table, an influential book about how to make beer-food relationships work.

For the movie version of this, I see Steve Martin and Richard Jenkins, with Kevin Hart in the title role. What are we calling this thing? Who wants to write the treatment with me? 

(Rapper Ja Rule, serving two years for gun possession, finds new posse behind bars via NY Daily News)