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Summerscreen 2011, by thelmagazine

pretty much what last night was like, but in color. and with “Clueless”!

here is a story about a beach for nuns. i’m calling it the second craziest thing to come out the Jersey Shore. but without a doubt more adorable than the first. i’ll bet Abercrombie would be glad to have these ladies wear their brand

(via WSJ)

when life hands you giant ‘mallows, just nuke ‘em in the microwave.
— 出典:life lessons of #fireisland from yours truly


Dean Martin, 1961. Martini breakfast.

for vacation on fire island (which starts tomorrow!!!), i hope to wake up with a martini breakfast every morning too

i want to make like this kitten (read: bodega cat) and just lounge. in a box of oranges no less

(via Buzzfeed)

here you go kiddies: a super easy and seemingly quite tasty cocktail for summer, photographed in the most beautiful way. i would also add a splash of grenadine

one more lovely look to remember for when i’m getting dressed in the morning. since the weather has been pretty perfect, i’m outfitting less and less and just opting for easy peasy summer dresses. which are lovely and all but absolutely no challenge. i will be trying this look with my own full skirt (which is really a dress with the top tucked in) very soon

(via all the pretty birds)

"Just sunning in the parking lot. I guess that’s one way to spend your lunch hour."

sent to me by Babycakes Christ, taken in the parking lot of her work just now

yesterday, i went on my very first movie date completely alone! as in, i went to the movies  by myself for the first time ever. people always talk about how wonderful it is to do this, but to me, it just seemed like a sad and lonely way to spend an afternoon.

after reading the nytimes magazine feature on miranda july yesterday morning (a week late, i know), i decided that i really just wanted to watch “the future.” since no one was around (and darling roommate had just moved out), seeing a movie solo seemed like the most fitting way to enter the matt-less part of my life.

and it was pretty great. it helped that the screening was at ifc center, a theater i love and hold dear to my heart. during the afternoon showing, it wasn’t strange to be alone at all. i truly came out of it feeling inspired and independent. no one to worry about, no one to talk to, no one to impress with my fabricated understanding of the mise en scene. 

july’s latest feature is actually perfect for this, its themes of anxiety and maturity work rather well for the single viewer. especially since we’re all a little afraid of growing up and more than a little nervous talking about it.

(movie times for “the future” here)

well if these aren’t the loveliest sunglasses. too bad they’re sold out at Gargyle

Super by RetroSuperFuture - Lucia - Summer Safari Puma

@dimsumnyc’s pan fried noodle in superior sauce. Got it on a recommendation from @forkintheroadvv. #yummm

(ed. note: this is after ariana and i ate more than half of the plate. you can’t beat that for $7.95!)

hey, thanks for writing two whole pages on Cold-Brewing Coffee and Tea and never actually giving us a recipe. what a stinkin waste of my time. looks like i have to go read all the blogs you refer to myself now. great job, Curious Cook

still need summer shoes for this horrible heat? that aren’t sandals? try the Soludos OC Espadrilles

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