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there’s a line of Nutcracker-only costumes that you can buy for your creepy creepy Nutcracker production needs. or something

Now that you have turned your friend’s birthday party into a costumed two-act play about yourself, make sure you have something to say.

The Kate Moss Guide to Changing Outfits Mid-Party, via The Cut

for the record, i do not think what Lilo wore to court today is all that bizarre or “ill-fitting.” this is laLohan, after all - let’s just be thankful her vagina is covered up

(via StyleCaster)

the Juicy Couture Willow Clog is mine all mine! now we’re just waiting for spring to get here

let’s start thinking about spring and lovely sandals with the Nine West - shaky sandal in black canvas


"This is my super amazing packing tip, and I promise you it works: You pack each outfit on a hanger inside a garment bag. Then, you fold them all into a loop and roll them around the hangers — it traps air in between, so you don’t get any creases. When you take them out, you just lift them out and put them into your closet. All the outfits are laid out — I even put the necklaces on and everything. All the accessories, like the shoes, go inside the bags, so you can’t forget anything."

A “Jet-Set Blogger’s Perfect NYC Wardrobe" comes together in peculiar ways | via Refinery29

"We also find out, as Hannah stands in the middle of this very nice brownstone, putting her clothes back on, that Hannah’s not wearing shorteralls but is wearing a matching shirt and shorts. Oh, wait, no, actually they are shorteralls. They are midriff-baring shorteralls with birds on them.”

Girls Recap: I Just Want to Feel It All via The Measure

don’t even care - i cannot stop watching this


no airbrushing for Nigella Lawson or her tummy, because she’s the awesomest

(via BuzzFeed)

a worthy answer to “what should i wear?”

or more reasons it takes me so long to get ready in the morning


things i learned from a press release today: MEGGINGS!

from B-Skinz, this one is called “psychedelic jungle,” for when you want to channel “Justin Bieber, Russell Brand and Lenny Kravitz.”


dance like a fool

it’s like solange invades my dreams and puts together perfect outfits based on what she finds there. bitch.